About Our Product

Welcome to Emondo Kids! Our original Aussie bamboo plates will make the perfect companions for your child, for years to come. Their sweet nature will soon draw in even the fussiest of eaters and allow them to interact and play together like best friends do.
Constructed of 100% Bamboo, our plates are designed with one main eating area or separate compartments, to allow your creativity to flourish when preparing meals for your child. Make even the simplest of meals extra special by using them as a template to show of your creative style, and in turn bring a little flair and fun to meal times.
Our plates are not only lightweight and durable but because they are made of Bamboo they have amazing antibacterial properties ! Great for your child, you and the planet!

Further designs are currently in production, as well as other products to assist during meal times.

We are currently working very closely with the Australian Bamboo Society in the hope of getting our products manufactured in Australia in the near future. However in the meantime our manufacturer is based in Asia. We have chosen bamboo instead of wood because it simply is a better and more eco-friendly material with a lot more health benefits.

Please check our FAQs for more information or email us directly at info@emondokids.com.au with any questions you might have.