When we’re heading off a long trip with our kids, snacks are an essential item! Unfortunately, convenient snacks for kids are often pretty unhealthy not to mention expensive. Keeping our small kids occupied in the back seat can be challenging at the best of times, without constant cries of “I’m hungry!” resonating around the car … [Read more…]

Setting the scene for enjoying food

By Stina Oftedal, PhD, APD When Sharon asked me to write a guest post and have me free reign as to what to write about, I knew I had to address the reason I bought her gorgeous bamboo plates in the first place! I’m Norwegian and we are suckers for a bit of ‘hygge’, and … [Read more…]

Why choose Bamboo?

Why choose Bamboo? Emondo Kids is all about the love of food and serving good food to our little ones. Using 100% sustainable Bamboo and offering natural antibacterial properties, every product in the range has been designed and manufactured to achieve the basic requirement of improving the relationship, between our little ones and their food. … [Read more…]