8 Delicious alternatives for the food your family loves

by Nicolas Boada on September 23, 2020

Can’t give up some bad habits? Do you love a sneaky soda or do you get the tub of ice-cream out for one scoop? Well what if you could still enjoy them? You just have to be a little inventive and make some small changes. Have you ever tried frozen banana in the blender? Well it is a game changer, tastes exactly like ice-cream! Your going to learn to make some simple changes that will have you eating healthy in no time.


Can’t Give Up Mac and Cheese?

Processed pasta is not a good thing to eat on a regular basis. Get rid of boxed mac and cheese and make some at home. You can make a velvety cheese-based sauce with added butternut squash. This sweet taste on mac and cheese is sure to be satisfying.

Take it a step further and replace your high carb noodles with a plant-based pasta made out of chickpeas or legumes. The texture may be a little grainier than regular pasta but it tastes almost the same.  


Totally Tasty Pudding
Chocolate pudding is great for when you want something decadent and sweet. Usually this milk-based chocolate treat can get you into some sugary trouble.

Try cutting out some of the sugar by using an avocado base instead of cream. Yes that’s right, you can make your pudding with avocados. You want to blend some cacao powder, non-dairy milk, avocado, and sweetener in your heavy-duty blender. Let the mixture chill in your fridge a few hours. The result is creamy chocolate which is also really food for you.


You Scream, I Scream for Healthy Ice Cream
Who doesn’t love ice cream? Avoiding Ice cream is very hard to do and you don’t have to cut it out of your diet completely. There are a few alternatives still as delicious. Frozen yogurt offers a good source of probiotics and protein without the sugar hit.

You can also try freezing banana, blending it and adding some delicious toppings. You will be surprised how similar to ice cream the consistency and taste of banana ice cream is.


Make Your Own Chocolate Bars

If you find you a get a hankering for chocolate, try making it yourself. There is a huge difference between cocoa and cacao, so just by making the conscious decision to understand what is in your food, will significantly improve your health.

Cacao powder is packed with nutrients and tastes just as yummy as cocoa. We love making our own truffles, it only takes a few simple ingredients such as coconut oil, cacao powder and sea salt.

Don’t Step Away from The French Fries

The next time you want fries try baking them instead of deep frying them litres of oil. When at home try tossing your sweet potato wedges in a bag with olive oil and semolina. This coating with ensure you get a crispy oven chip every time. You can also try using a healthy oil like coconut to help reduce your cholesterol levels.


Add Some Smoky Flavours

Smoking food is a simple way of packing loads of flavour into your food. It also adds a great complexity to your dishes. You can either hot or cold smoke your food to give different depth of flavour.


We’ve heard of smoking meat and fish however, you can also smoke fruit and vegetables using a propane smoker. Smoking can open you up to a world of new flavours! What about smoked garlic, smoked aubergines or even smoked mushrooms? You can also use different woods to give different flavours or even soak the wood in your wine.

Use Healthy Natural Sweeteners

One of the main culprits for making your food unhealthy is sugar.If you need some additional sweetness in your food, adding some dried fruit is a great way of doing this. If you like oats or cereals for breakfast but don’t want to add sugar, throw in some dates or dried strawberries.

You canalso  use honey, dates, agave or coconut sugar as a replacement for sugar in recipes. Bananas are great for making pancakes with, they add a sweetness that is absolutely delicious.


Make a Condiment the Star!

Making your own condiments can be an excellent way to give your meals a flavour boost. Have you tried  making your own pesto? You can to add to pasta, or as a yummy coasting for chicken.

Are you a fan of that creamy butter? Avocado is a great to spread on toast or a flatbread and is has a similar texture to butter. You can also try making your own hummus, salad dressing or salsa. It is super simply and healthy way of adding some flavour to less than exciting meals.

Educating yourself is crucial when it comes to eating well. Rather than denying yourself or overindulging just a few tweaks here and there won’t have you missing out on anything. Turn these idea and behaviours in habits to ensure you lead the healthiest lifestyle possible (well still enjoying it)!


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