Why choose Bamboo?

by Nicolas Boada on September 24, 2020

Why choose Bamboo?

Emondo Kids is all about the love of food and serving good food to our little ones. Using 100% sustainable Bamboo and offering natural antibacterial properties, every product in the range has been designed and manufactured to achieve the basic requirement of improving the relationship, between our little ones and their food. Made with love, the Bamboo products are lightweight and robust, environmentally friendly, nontoxic and ethically made. Why we love Bamboo? Here are just a few reasons that we choose Bamboo for Emondo Kids.

Bamboo is one of the world’s most abundant and sustainable natural resources, and it is a grass plant! Bamboo is considered a sustainable material as it can be harvested in a considerably shorter amount of time than most commercial plant species, and can be grown without needing to be covered in harmful pesticides or use as much water. Often recognised as the fastest growing plant in the world, some Bamboo species can grow up to one metre a day. This regenerative plant works to remove CO2 emissions, is naturally pest resistant and can even rebuild eroded soil. Bamboo plants also produce 30% more oxygen than an equivalent area of trees!

As you can see, Bamboo is no ordinary plant in that it plays a major role in the environment. Not only is it a viable replacement for wood, its fast growth rate and ability to balance oxygen and carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere make this plant a very persuasive reason not to cut down as many trees.

We love that new Bamboo shoots will sprout up each year in areas where they have already harvested; this is a major plus for the environment. Can Bamboo save the planet? The answer to that question remains to be seen, however this incredible plant and its surging popularity in a wide array of products offers us a chance to help the environment and that really is the number one reason why we love Bamboo at Emondo Kids.

Choosing products for our little ones can be overwhelming, so we have put together three of our favourite Emondo Kids Bamboo products we’d love to share with you, Karri the Koala, Lizzie the Frill Neck Lizard and Waldo the Wombat.