Welcome to Emondo Kids.
My name is Renee, and I'm so excited to be the new Owner of Emondo Kids.

Being a mother of 5 ( 3 are now adults) Phew!! I am well aware of the daily challenges we go through each day. Raising kids is hard. Very hard. We need more than a medal! This is what initially attracted me to Emondo Kids. Our Eco-Friendly range makes mealtimes fun! Sharon, the original Owner and designer built Emondo Kids in 2016, from scratch. Her designs give children a chance to bring their imaginations to life, which then helps us parents gain some control over mealtimes. After spending hours in the kitchen preparing nutritious food you just want them to eat and enjoy it. This is when Sharon had an idea

Light Bulb Moment.

Instead of trying to replicate Picasso on a boring plastic toddler plate, why not have the plate do the work… And mum takes all the credit. Mum of the year!

About Me:
Born In Europe ( Malta ), I moved to Australia at a very young age. My love of everything nature and the cycle of life just fascinated me, so through Secondary school, my focus was on Agriculture and the Environment. I studied at Hawkesbury University in 1996. Some years later I started my family and became a mother of 3 before I hit my 25th birthday! WOW! And like many parents, I placed a crazy amount of pressure to do the best I could. My love for the environment continued with a house full of plants and gardens full of veggies whenever I had the chance. Eating fresh food became an obsession. I worked in a wholesale nursery for a few years which exposed me to more information and kept my dream alive of maybe owning a business in the future. Something Eco-friendly as well as plant-related! Quite a few years later I had the opportunity to relocate interstate where I then extended my family further with 2 little girls. I was also closer to the ocean! Having children later in life was challenging but also very rewarding, I knew I was blessed! This time I had the chance to stay home a little longer after they were born and I soon began to pass on the knowledge of gardening as well as being Eco-conscious to them. In 2019 I started a business from scratch called Aussie Seed Bombs which helped me pass on that knowledge. Passing on environmental knowledge to toddlers wasn't easy and then Aussie Seed Bombs was born! And is still expanding today! When the opportunity came to own Emondo Kids I was so excited. I had previously met Sharon a few years ago at a community market and I knew our eco values aligned. As the new owner, I have a dream to continue extending the Emondo Kids Range which will broaden the imagination of our children and make any activity fun! With 5 children and 1 grandchild, making mealtime fun is now fun for me too!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Renee xx