Instant Snow is so much fun for kids at Christmas

Our NEW Magic Instant Snow for Kids!

Engaging with your child through meaningful play is one of the top feels as a parent. Being present with them while they explore the ins and outs of the world around them gives a sense of pride and satisfaction that...
on October 15, 2021
Bamboo plates for kids

The Funnest Bamboo Plates for Kids

Mums and dads the world over eventually experience the same difficulties when introducing healthy foods and meals to their children. It doesn’t matter how much effort and understanding they put in to making meals tasty, healthful, visually appealing and interesting,...
on October 07, 2021
Snack ideas for kids with Diabetes Type 1

Snacks Ideas for kids with Type 1 Diabetes

Having a child with diabetes adds an extra layer to the already complex mission that is mealtime. Dietary restrictions for kids with diabetes vary from case to case and take into consideration factors like insulin dose, carbohydrate intake, activity level and diabetic sensitivity....
on August 19, 2021
How can Mindful Eating help your fussy eater

How to create Mindful Eating habits for you and your family.

Food, it can be a contentious topic for parents. There is so much information about what’s healthy and what’s not, and the pressure can start as early as when our child’s first solids begin - should babies lead their own...
on August 13, 2021
Picky eater and lunchbox questions by Emondo Kids

5 Reasons Your Little One Isn’t Eating Their Lunchbox

As a parent, it can be frustrating when you’ve spent so much time and energy putting together a tasty and nutritious lunch for your little one when most of it comes back home at the end of the day –...
on June 29, 2021
Plant base veggie rolls for kids | Emondo Kids

Preparing healthy and delicious plant-based meals for kids

Childhood is an incredible time of growth and development and we want to make sure we are doing everything we can to set our children up for success. Diet and nutrition have a huge impact on how our bodies grow,...
on April 01, 2021


At Emondo Kids we love food. Seriously, who doesn’t?!

Using 100% sustainable Bamboo, and offering natural antibacterial properties, every product in our range, has been designed and manufactured to fulfill the basic requirement of improving the relationship...