The Funnest Bamboo Plates for Kids

by SHARON HUNTER on October 07, 2021
The Funnest Bamboo Plates for Kids

Mums and dads the world over eventually experience the same difficulties when introducing healthy foods and meals to their children. It doesn’t matter how much effort and understanding they put in to making meals tasty, healthful, visually appealing and interesting, kids will find something to object to. It would be fair to say that if fairy dust was a condiment, parents would be liberally adding it to every dish!

This was my experience with my fussy eater. It was disheartening to see my hard work, good intentions and well-spent money end up on the floor, or worse, in my hair. But, as is often the case, moments of desperation often lead to breakthrough, and I realised that by making a subtle shift in focus I could change the whole mealtime mood. Instead of focussing on the food, I needed to make plates the hero. And that’s how Emondo Kids and our passion for kids’ plates made from bamboo emerged!

At the heart of everything we do at Emondo Kids is the basic notion of improving the relationship between your child and their food. From that humble foundation we have built an ethos around family mealtimes that includes playfulness and fun, as well as health and peace of mind. It was important to us that we made sure our range of bamboo plates for kids was ethically manufactured, free of nasties and completely appropriate for children to enjoy using at mealtimes.

That is why we chose to use bamboo when designing our range. Bamboo ticked many of the boxes that we had outlined as important in our product. Technically classified as a grass, bamboo reaches maturity within three to six years making it a highly renewable resource. Due to its ability to adapt to diverse environments, as well as its quick growth, bamboo can be economically harvested to produce a highly durable organic fibre ideal for use in various industries.

Our range of bamboo plates for babies through to the ages of 3 years and older helps to make mealtimes much easier on families. Kids can smell tension a mile away; they have radars that pick up on even the most covert parental plan to introduce healthy foods at any given moment. But our bamboo plates help to alleviate parent stress and remove hassle from mealtimes, to make room for a lot more fun to be had by everyone. We tend to think that when mums and dads get in on the fun, it scrambles those kid radars and opens the door for them to explore food in a way that is positive and enjoy the fun with everyone else!

Healthy meals and positive relationships with food is extremely important to me; it is the starting point of every meal that I set out to create. But I also believe that the best times with those we love are often spent around the dinner table and shared over food and that’s why I decided to make sure that every one of those moments was sprinkled with fun, rather than peppered with stress.

You wouldn’t necessarily think so, but designing a range of plates, bowls, cups and cutlery from bamboo has been integral to encouraging a fun-loving approach to mealtimes. Bamboo is a very safe, non-toxic material and simply knowing that it provides a healthful starting point to every mealtime really encourages me to transform my thinking about food preparation and presentation.

See how Emondo Kids' eco-friendly dinnerware can help fussy little eaters develop a healthy relationship with food and meal times. Click on the headings below to read the section you are most interested in.


  1. Benefits of bamboo plates
  2. Are bamboo plates dishwasher safe
  3. Are bamboo plates microwave safe
  4. Meet our Kids Bamboo Plate range
  5. Captain Cutlery saves the day
  6. W stands for water
  7. Reuse, reduce, recycle
  8. Having fun with Eco-friendly dinnerware and waterbeads.
  9. Instant Magic Snow for Kids
  10. Encourage Mindful Eating Habits in Children


How to put the fun back into mealtimes.

The key to putting the fun back into mealtimes really lies in the ability to demystify food for kids. So often, food just magically appears in front of them with the expectation that they should eat and be satisfied. But as adults, we know that our enjoyment of food is heightened more when we have an active role in its preparation. This can also be the same for kids.

As children are very tactile and curious, including them in food preparation might be one positive way to inject more fun back into your mealtimes, and the added bonus may be that it helps to break down barriers or offset aversions that exist due to inexperience or unfamiliarity. Giving kids an active role in handling food and serving it up really gives them a sense of ownership and pride in contributing to something as important as family mealtime.

Fun kids dinners

Another way to make family meals engaging is to plan special themed dinners. Spending time as a family to brainstorm themes is not only fun, it’s a great way to gain insight into your children’s perceptions to food, receptiveness to trying new things and understanding of different cuisines.  Perhaps drawing up a timetable of special dinners that everyone has contributed to will help children be open to enjoying the favourite things of others and give them opportunity to exhibit and enjoy their own preferences with the family.

Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of eating meals together as a family. Children learn so much through observation, and eating meals together allows parents to model positive connections and behaviours with food. Rethinking mealtimes as a family event where the focus is more about sharing time together is the perfect way to show kids that food can be a positive central element that promotes a desirable and fun time for the whole family.

And then… serve it all up on cute kids plates for the win! The Emondo Kids dinnerware range is more than just healthful and practical. Our designs really are cute and fun! 



Benefits of bamboo plates

Bamboo, although relatively new on the scene, is fast proving itself as advantageous in the world of children’s dinnerware. Perhaps the most attractive reason is its non-toxic qualities. As a hardy, easy-growing plant, bamboo is drought-resistant, pest-resistant and frost-resistant, so it grows untouched and untreated from tender shoot through to harvest. Our ethical manufacturing standards ensure that our final product is made sustainably and without harmful chemicals to ensure that your children eat from plates that are as pure as the food they are eating.

We love bamboo for its planet-friendly vibe. It may be that avid gardeners have loved to categorise it as a persistent weed, but that has proven to be one of the factors that has placed bamboo in favour with eco-minded people. When given the designated space to grow, bamboo thrives in a range of climates and doesn’t need much watering to do well. Plus, it’s 100% biodegradable, making bamboo-based products a wise choice for those who are mindful of the impact their eco-footprint makes in the world. 

Another attribute of bamboo that earns it a gold star from parents is its durability . Let’s face it, there may be times when plates and bowls find their way to the floor. Accidents will happen! And yes, Emondo Kids bamboo dinnerware is tough! But we recommend avoiding those tips and spills altogether with our plates and bowls that include the clever suction feature. We’ve totally got your back. Yes, literally! We really want you to avoid hours of back-breaking cleaning, as well as mourning the deterioration of your carpets!

Bamboo plates are easy to care for and clean. They are kept in best condition when washed in slightly soapy, cold water, towel-dried and left to fully air dry on a dish rack. This is also another way to ensure that children are less exposed to harsh chemicals. Choose an environmentally friendly detergent and feel confident that you are caring for your family in more ways than one. 


Are bamboo plates dishwasher safe

While Emondo Kids bamboo dinnerware is not suitable for the dishwasher, we prefer to treat them with loads of love and specific care to ensure they perform their best for as long as possible. That’s not to say they aren’t easy to clean. Quite the opposite, really. Our bamboo plates stay in tip-top shape with a wash in cool, soapy water. Dry them off with a towel and leave them to air dry on a dish rack.  

Are bamboo plates dishwasher safe 


Are bamboo plates microwave safe

Microwave meals have always had the advantage of being more convenient, but that’s where the positives come to an end. At Emondo Kids, our focus is on healthy meals for the whole family, and we prefer to avoid using a microwave at all. Our dinnerware is not recommended for use in microwaves—but we use this to remind us to make sure all meals and snacks served up on our dinnerware are prepared in the most simple, healthful ways possible.


Are Emondo Kids bamboo plates microwave safe?


Meet our Kids Bamboo Plate range


Gingy the Gingerbread Man

Gingy the Gingerbread Man is the cheeky guest everyone wants to have at the dinner table. He loves nothing more than making food fun! So far, his favourites include blueberry buttons, a smiley rhubarb mouth, and alfalfa sprout hair—but he’s totally up for trying something new every single day!

Gingy is the perfect companion at the dinner table for children 3 years and older. His main goal is to help fill tummies. And who could resist that happy face?


 Bamboo Kids plates for Christmas



Rainbow Plate with suction

Our Rainbow Plate with Suction is the perfect way to make food fun for children from 4 months of age . The suction feature helps avoid any accidental spills early on and can be removed as children grow to become more independent and skilled in mealtime etiquette. Mums and dads love filling the rainbow guide with beautiful fresh foods to really encourage children to eat a ‘rainbow’ of variety, plus, the cloud compartments can be filled with other snacks or foods to complete a healthy meal. 

Older children may also enjoy creating their own rainbow of foods, which encourages more active involvement and interest at mealtimes. The suction feature helps younger children keep the plate steady and right where it needs to be while they eat.


 Kids rainbow bamboo plate with suction



Bamboo Dips and Egg Cups

Emondo Kids Cloud Dippy Cups are the perfect accessory to add to the Rainbow Plate cloud sections. These cute little cups keep dips, sauces, soft boiled eggs, peas and any other desired items separate from the main meal and allow for easy access. Our Dippy Cups also encourage fine motor skill development as they fit our Rainbow Plate much like a puzzle piece. Your kids will love fitting their dippy cup pieces to their fun puzzle plate. Suitable for all ages, once you start using these dippy cups, you’ll wonder how you ever did without them. 


Bamboo egg and dip cups for kids



Bowl with Suction

Using bowls may seem somewhat hazardous with little ones. You only need to take your eyes off them for one second and voila! floor art becomes a thing! But with the Emondo Kids Bowl with Suction, the bowl and the food, plus the attention of your would-be artist, stays right where you want it to. Our bowls are great for children aged 4 months and older. Once again, the suction feature is removable, so whether you’re introducing solids or pouring their favourite cereal, the Emondo Kids Bowl with Suction will become a favourite for many years to come.



Captain Cutlery saves the day

If “handy” was a superpower our cutlery sets would come with a cape. 

Never underestimate just how handy a set of cutlery really is. Our Eco Cutlery Sets will get you out of any sticky situation like a pro. Our sets come in a sleek, snap-shut container and are easy to have on hand when you’re out and about, or perfect for use at home when you discover there’s no clean cutlery left!

Made from planet-friendly degradable Wheat Straw, our Eco Cutlery Set is extremely tough and long-lasting, shatter-proof and 100% free from toxins and chemicals.

Our Eco Cutlery Sets are great for picnics and lunch boxes. Plus, with four awesome colours to choose from, your can make sure everyone has a set in their favourite colour. The best news of all is that when all the eating is over, our Eco Cutlery will happily go in the dishwasher for a spotlessly simple clean. Give me a hurrah! 

Eco-friendly cutlery for kids lunchboxes

Eco-friendly cutlery great for family picnics



Eco-friendly picnic ware: Bamboo plates, cups + utensils.

Fancy an outdoor adventure soon? Our bamboo range of plates, cups and utensils make the ideal eco-friendly picnic ware. Lightweight, durable, easy to clean—all the boxes are ticked! So, spread out the picnic rug, and get ready to be the envy of all other picnickers as they admire your gorgeous picnicking style.

 Eco-friendly picnic ware made from bamboo



W stands for water

Water is essential for optimal health. This is especially so for kids. Unlike adults, kids aren’t periodically wandering around with beverages in hand and so their opportunities to increase their fluid intake can sometimes be limited. Whilst adequate water intake is important for everyone, as parents we need to make sure that our children always have access to fresh, clean water to help keep their bodies in good condition.

According to the Healthy Kids Association, the amount of water a child needs depends on how active they are, the weather and the foods they eat. Generally speaking, children up to the age of 8 years should drink between 4–5 cups per day and children over the age of 8 years should aim for between 6–8 cups per day. Adequate hydration should always be the goal, so children should always have access to fresh water in their water bottles. Offering water during mealtimes is also a good way ensure your little ones are getting sufficient water intake.

Emondo Kids Eco Cups are a great way to promote good water drinking habits in your children. Our cups are especially made for little hands to easily and securely grip the ridged design, and the smooth lip ensures an easy, consistent flow of water as your little one drinks.

Made from durable bamboo fibre , our Eco Cups will go the distance. Take them to the park, on picnics, or have them on hand at home for numerous drink pit stops throughout the day. Available as a 4-pack in four gorgeous colours, you won’t ever hear the words “Which one’s my cup?” ever again! 


Bamboo cups for kids

Eco-friendly water cups made from wheat straw



Reuse, recycle, reduce

Eco-friendly dinnerware for kids is a great idea for environmentally aware families. In a time when we are growing more and more conscious of what goes in our bodies, in our homes and ultimately into landfill, our decision-making has become more exacting to ensure that the items we choose have a host of holistic benefits attached.

That’s why resources have become a hot topic lately, with concepts like sustainability and biodegradability high on the list of requirements in the products we choose to use. Bamboo has proven itself a front-runner in the eco-friendly world. Due to ease of farming, its fast-growing nature and tolerance for low water consumption, bamboo produces a consistent harvest and a versatile fibre to work with. Similarly, wheat straw provides a sustainable option in the manufacture of eco-friendly products. As a by-product of the agricultural wheat industry, processed wheat straw creates a durable and tough material that can be easily composted once the need for it has passed.

Because of these fabulous reasons, Emondo Kids chooses to use environmentally friendly bamboo and wheat straw in the production of our eco-friendly kids’ dinnerware. Like you, we are proud to contribute to the betterment of the world we live in by providing healthy, more sustainable alternatives for families who are seeking to ‘go green’ as much as possible. 

Eco-friendly-dinnerware for kids and babies


Having fun with Eco-friendly dinnerware and waterbeads.

If you are looking for some wonderful ways to entertain your child in sensory, educational play, then you should check out the fun you can have with our eco-friendly dinnerware and a couple of tubes of waterbeads. Our Rainbow Waterbeads provide hours of sensory fun for children, and when you team them up with our Bamboo Rainbow Plate, you have an engagingly fun colour sorting game. Really, who doesn’t love a rainbow? 

But let’s get serious now. If you’re into drinking your cuppa while it’s still hot, then setting up a colour sorting station or sensory tub is a great way to keep kids happily absorbed for as long as it takes to enjoy your brew to the very last drop. Maybe you’ll fit in two cuppas? Dare we say three?

Waterbeads provide kids with the perfect opportunity to practise their fine motor skills—chasing slippery little beads around is certainly an exercise in patience and development of refined movement! Naturally, kids will begin to sort the beads into their nine colour groups—great for cognitive development and colour recognition activities. Grab a couple of sets of our Emondo Kids Eco Cups to help kids sort beads by colour.

For extra fun, fill some balloons with a handful of waterbeads, then inflate them. Kids will love swirling the beads around and around or shaking the balloons and listening to the waterbeads ping against the side of the balloon. Choose clear balloons to make the effect extra fun!

Waterbeads are biodegradable, so when you are ready to retire them, simply put them in the garden where they will continue to break down. If your waterbeads are nearing the end of their use, try freezing them. Older kids will enjoy smashing them or exploring the dynamics of the beads as they thaw. There’s so much you can do with waterbeads. Grab a couple of tubes and let your kids enjoy a wonderfully calming play experience. 

Rainbow waterbeads for kids
Rainbow waterbeads for kids



Magic Instant Snow for Kids

Magic always happens when it snows! Introducing our new Emondo Kids Magic Instant Snow—another awesome sensory play experience for kids. From the moment you add water to the non-toxic snow granules, magic truly starts to happen! No doubt all the family will watch in wonder as the granules grow to over 100 times their size! One 25-gram pack will make a generous one and a half litres of instant snow—more than enough to get the creative juices flowing and entertain the whole family.


Instant snow for kids

Instant magic snow and waterbeads for kids

Made from super-absorbent polymer, our Instant Magic Snow is non-toxic and safe for little hands, although it should not be consumed, so supervision is required for children under 3 years of age. But, one thing is guaranteed, Magic Instant Snow will give hours of endless ‘snowy’ pleasure. Squish it into snowballs, make a family of snow-beings, shape an igloo or craft a magical winter landscape and add toy animals like deer and rabbits for a totally authentic winter woodland scene.

As Christmas approaches, make sure you stock up on magic snow with our multi-saver packs of 5 or 10. Yes! Stocking fillers, birthday parties and special occasions sorted! Plus, it’s the perfect way to add a whimsical touch to your décor this Christmas.



Encourage Mindful Eating Habits in Children

Emondo Kids encourages parents to help their kids develop habits of mindfulness when eating their food. Mindful practices help us to pay deliberate attention to the activity we are engaged in, and this is especially important in helping build healthy relationships with food. Logically then, mindful eating is the process of paying attention to our senses during mealtimes. The act of eating is an extremely sensory experience, so it is wise to help kids build positive associations and experiences around a variety of foods.

To promote this, parents should aim to eliminate distractions, sit together as a family around the dinner table, encourage children to serve themselves and prompt children to engage in discussions about food, their likes and dislikes.  

Emondo Kids range of children’s dinnerware is a wonderful starting point for creating positive, healthy habits around food. Shop our wonderful range here.


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