Healthy snacks for a road trip with kids

by Nicolas Boada on September 23, 2020

When we’re heading off a long trip with our kids, snacks are an essential item! Unfortunately, convenient snacks for kids are often pretty unhealthy not to mention expensive. Keeping our small kids occupied in the back seat can be challenging at the best of times, without constant cries of “I’m hungry!” resonating around the car (which can drive anyone crazy!).

We found that they are loads of healthy snack ideas out there, but so many of them have the capacity to create a huge mess in the back of our car. If you’re looking at ways to save a money on snacks, keep the car relatively clean and keep your kids as healthy as possible, take a look at our yummy ideas.


Dried Fruit

Sometimes, persuading our kids to eat fruit can be difficult and certainly a battle in some cases! Often, it’s the texture of certain fruits which puts kids off, or even the look of it and that it’s obviously fruit.

Dried fruit can be a great healthy snack for kids; it looks different and tastes different to its fresh counterpart. It’s also much less messy than fresh fruit, as there’s no juice to be squirted over the back seat and no messy hands wiped on clothes. Banana chips, dried apple rings and dried apricots are some of the favourites. You can grab these in health food shops super easily and lots of supermarkets do a good range.



Popcorn is a great healthy snack and it comes in all sorts of flavours. Buy a big bag and split it up into snack-size portions in boxes or sandwich bags. We find it  can get a little messy, but at least it’s dry and not too difficult to vacuum up!

You can also have a go at making it yourself, which is a great option if you’re on a budget. here are lots of yummy popcorn recipes for some inspiration – you might even find you want some for yourself!


Quick & Easy Messy Free Sandwiches

A roast chicken is perfect for sandwiches in the car. It’s easy to transport and hard for the kids to make a mess with it. You need to be careful with serving chicken, make sure you check the temperature is safe before you dish up.


Cottage Cheese & Blueberry Wraps

This one might sound a bit out there, but all our friends’ kids along with our kids loooooove this combo! It’s a perfect way to get the kids to have a balanced meal with carbohydrates & protein. The cottage cheese ensures you don’t have any runaway blueberries to fish out from under the seat. I recently found out that many of the cottage cheese brands on the market are packed  full of sugar, so I started making my own!!


Granola Bars

Making your own granola bars is a great option for a no-mess and healthier snack. Shop bought cereal and granola bars are often packed with sugar, glucose syrup and additives which aren’t good for anyone!=

Making your own can be a fun exercise to do with the kids as well (and maybe tire them out before you get on the road). You can pack them with your kids’ favourite things and they don’t have to be too difficult either. We have a few favourites are blueberry vanilla & greek yogurt as well as double chocolate peanut butter. These recipes are healthy not to mentions delicious (we usually save a few for ourselves)



Cereals make a great snack for long car journeys. There are lots of healthier options such as wholegrain cereals, cereals with much less or no added sugar and ones without artificial flavourings.

Pop a handful in a sandwich bag or snack box for long journeys to soothe those hunger pangs – if you don’t usually have cereal as a snack, your kids might even be occupied at the novelty for a while!


Juice Boxes

Where there is hunger, there’s inevitably thirst! Handy drinks for kids can be one of the least healthy additions to their diets, there can be lots of hidden calories in juices and smoothies and they can contain a huge amount of sugar. Opt for sugar free or no added sugar options when it comes to juice boxes, to make for a healthier snack. You can also invest in some reusable water bottles to take with you in the car and fill these up with squash for the ride (this is healthy on the wallet too!).


It can seem like a daunting task when it comes to staying healthy on the road with small kids, but with these ideas, it should be a little easier!

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