Introducing new food to your child and making it FUN

by SHARON HUNTER on September 24, 2020

Wouldn’t it be amazing if our little ones ate EVERYTHING that we put in front of them! It would honestly be the best. Thing. EVER!!

Whilst meal times are a wonderful opportunity to spend family time together, feeding time can sometimes feel more like feeding time at the zoo, than at the dinner table!
When you have little ones that are fussy with their food, it’s hard to keep positive about the mealtime experience; it often feels more like a battle of wills. It is important to remember that most children go through a phase of some type of fussy eating, whether it is only eating certain foods or refusing to eat at all.

Tips for fussy eaters:

Joining the meal preparation

One of our favourite tips for fussy eaters at Emondo Kids is getting your little ones to help with meal preparation, no matter how little, as it will lead to them more likely to eat the food as they now have ownership of the meal and will most likely feel proud of their achievements. At the grocery store, have the little ones help choose fruit and vegetables as they will find the practice of eating their fruit and vegetables much more enjoyable, if they have been part of the selection process.
There are always ways to include the whole family, including the children in the food preparation process from selecting food at the grocery store, to rinsing fruit and vegetables, setting the table, getting out the drinks and cups for everyone, pouring the water, placing some fresh flowers from the garden on the table; there are so many small ways to include small hands in the family preparation activities.

Reward charts

Another great option is a reward scheme, such as a sticker chart. Perhaps decorating it with characters that they love, such as Dora the Explorer, Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol. Every time you introduce a new food they can put a sticker on their chart and once they have collected a few stickers, reward them with a small prize. The first one should be easily attainable to incentivize your little one.

There are many ways to make food FUN and Emondo Kids have created plates to enhance the mealtime experience.

Lightweight, environmentally friendly, nontoxic and ethically made, our products help improve the relationship between our little ones and their food. The Emondo plates are hard to resist with characters such as Karri the Koala, Lizzie the Frill Neck Lizard and Waldo the Wombat.
The adorable native friends make food FUN and fascinating for little eyes and hands and make the experience of food, an exciting and amusing meal time.

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