Bamboo Bowl for Kids
Bamboo Bowl with dinner meal rice and sausage
Bamboo Bowl with cute kid eating cookies
Bamboo bowl with yoghurt and fruit kids breakfast
bamboo bowl with removable suction
bamboo bowl with super strong suction
Girl struggling to remove bamboo bowl with strong suction

Bamboo Bowl with Removable Suction

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    You can’t turn your back on them for a second! The plate goes flying, spaghetti sauce explodes over the wall like a burst pipe, the dogs licking the floor, the cats licking the dog, slow dramatic music is playing in the background and little miss is in hysterics because her fork is not the same colour as her spoon! Cherish these moments..

    Well stick with us because we have your back!

    The Emondo Kids Suction Bowl is your answer in the pursuit of stopping the cat lick the dog! wait, we mean the transition to a more solid mealtime routine and the progression in developing a positive relationship with food.

    Uniquely developed with the best suction to ever suck, to ensure that the bowl stays where you put it, until you move it, as well as a predominantly flat base to assist in the use of utensils, the 100% sustainably made Emondo Kids Suction Bowl is a win for you and the dog!

    First things first though. Hey Google? Turn off that dam music!

    Approx size 15 x 6 cm


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    Wash in warm soapy water and towel dry. Or vertically dry on a drying rack in a well ventilated area. To keep your Emondo Kids Bamboo plate in tip top condition, apply Fractioned Coconut oil every 2-3 weeks. Leave the oil on overnight. Rinse and dry before use. Silicone suction can be removed and washed in the dishwasher, top rack. Do we guarantee the suction will work on any surface? There’s no guarantee that the plates will suction to your table or the surface that you’re using it on. The suction depends on the condition and material of the surface. Surface must be clean, smooth and with no texture. Does our suction sticks to wooden surfaces? Our Suction can stick to wooden surfaces as long as they’re sealed and smooth. Rough or unsealed wooden surfaces won’t be suitable for our Suction. Basically, if any air can escape from the space between the suction base and the wooden surface, then it won’t work as well.

    Customer Reviews

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    Colleen Kurtz (Buderim, AU)


    Chanel (Brisbane, AU)
    Amazing quality & it really sticks!!

    After tirelessly searching for bowls and plates to stick to my son’s highchair (and spending way too much money on things which suggest they stick but don’t!), I’ve found my saviour!!! These products are second to none in terms of quality. My son loves the challenge of ripping a plate or bowl off the highchair tray and these don’t budge! I’m so impressed, I’m buying another!

    Digo Aa (Sydney, AU)
    We have 3 plates and 2 bowls.

    They are super easy to wash and condition. We have had ours for nearly 2 years and they still look new. Sharon's service is amazing. I use our bowls everyday. The suction is amazing.

    Digo Aa (Sydney, AU)
    We absolutely love our plates and bowls!

    I have thrown away all our plastic etc and we just use these now. Such gorgeous quality and my kids adore them. We love supporting small especially when they are a serious Mumma Boss. I love following along with your insta stories too. Definitely my insta biz crush 🙌🏽 Thank you x